Thursday, 1 April 2010

Cheerful start to April... Did you choose your magazine?

Counting down for the weekend... Does everybody count down or up for the weekends/holidays like me? I will add this issue to my development plan. Stop counting according to off-days, honey!

Any way, this is the first day of the month - again numbers...-. And if you like to read periodicals like me, its time to buy new one...

This is the list that i follow for career, i would love to use my insight one day...

1. Intelligent Life
2. Economist
3. Fast Company
4. HBR
5. Media Cat

And those i love to look..
1. Vogue
2. Burda
3. Elle
4. Marie Claire Maison

Tights: MaxMara
Hair Accessory: Yargıcı
Blouse: Pull'n Bear
Jerkin: Massimo Dutti
Boots: Bambi


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