Monday, 5 April 2010

Let's find a different name for Monday syndrome!

How many syndromes are there in our lives?

Let's begin with the meaning of syndrome...
"The term syndrome derives from its Greek roots (σύνδρομος) and means literally "run together", as the features do. It is most often used to refer to the set of detectable characteristics when the reason that they occur together (the pathophysiology of the syndrome) has not yet been discovered." Wikipedia...

Here, Monday and being bored and crabby is running together... Pff. And if you know a little bit classical conditioning from Psychology 101, -you can remember it from Pavlov's dog- when you hear "Monday", you can get bored...This symptom is normal for any working human being.

I want to relate Monday with happy and beautiful people/things. It is one of this blog's missions. And here is this Monday's smile... Can we call this smiling Monday? If you have any suggestion for the Monday, you can write...

Wish you happy Mondays!

Tunic: Bershka
Jean short: Mango
Earring: Topshop
Necklace: Koton
Model: .C.

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