Tuesday, 30 March 2010

We wanna blossom...

What does 'blossoming' means to you?

It means spring for me... And spring means regeneration! After cold, and snowy winter, spring comes with aromatic breeze which makes us feel different... Some trees dress up with flowers which will become juicy fruits at summer...

And i wanna blossom like those trees... I want my dreams become real... In our personal winter we do not take actions and we just wait for the right time with ideas in our mind. Spring does not mean to tell immature ideas to others... Spring means, starting to act for realizing them by yourself.

Keep in mind that when you blossom earlier than the spring, cold weather breezes your flowers and they never turns into fruits...

Spring! Please protect my baby flowers from the frost!

Dress: Mother's
Tights: Penti
Belt:Polo Garage
Jacket:Polo Garage
Boots: MinneTonka
Model: .J.

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