Thursday, 14 July 2011

Charisma @ Office

Being only chic is not enough for office... You have to be also charismatic, if your goal is reaching to top positions... You have to be little bit bithcy! You have to know how to shout at peoples' faces! And after that, you have to know how to smile to same faces... You have to learn how to be fake! 
Gosh! If you miss the dose of badness, you only transform yourself to the most hated people of the world!
Maybe knowing how be bad and not applying it is the best...
This is the first lesson to be able to be at the top! If you like it or hate it, write your comments...
Lesson to be learned will go on!
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  1. I agree with being charismatic but I'm not too sure about being bitchy though. I don't think I'm good at being mean to anyone or capable at it really. I don't like to shout at people either..except if they did something to hurt me intentionally. xoxoxoo

  2. You are absolutely right! I only write here, how to be a bad and lonely and maybe at the top maybe not. It refers to something i saw, and something i never wanna see any more :) Kisses.


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